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Basic Dress Code of Alice blue


Our Company's objective in establishing a relaxed, casual, and informal work dress code is to enable our employees to work comfortably in the workplace. However, the employees are expected to be in formals for all the client meetings. Employees are expected to maintain a casual dress code from Monday to Saturdays

  • Gents - Shirt (Long/ short sleeved), T-shirt (Collared) and trousers or jeans.
  • Ladies - Western formals, Western wear, Sari and Salwars.
We’re Looking For Good Friends…Just Like You!


Employee Referral Program is applicable to vacancies as declared in HRMS Portal. The employee can write to to refer a friend or a relative.

  • The Referrer will receive an incentive Rs.5000 of the Referee after the completion of three months of the employee referred by the referee.Same time Rs.5000 will credited partially in upcoming months.
  • Managers are not eligible for any referral incentive.
  • Executives/Senior Executives can refer any executive or Manager as per the requirement.
  • Referral Incentive is applicable only if the salary is above 10000.
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  • Any employee who is intending to get relieved from the services in between the service period shall tender his/her resignation one month in advance as specified in the appointment letter. For manager cadre notice period will be 2 months. While on probation the one month notice period need to be served by the probationary favor to employer.
  • Resignations shall be routed through the immediate reporting to the functional head and the resignation will be effective as soon as the functional head accepts it.
  • The Functional Head has the right to withhold the acceptance of the resignation if any dues are recoverable from the employee or if the employee is under suspension or if any disciplinary proceedings are pending against the employee or for any other reasons.
  • The company empowers to forfeit the dues in case of an employee leaves the organization without a prior notice/intimation in writing.
  • Employee’s Salary for the days worked during the notice period will be settled along with other dues as a Full & Final Settlement.
  • Pro-rata benefits and perquisites will also be available to all employees on separation.
  • Full & Final settlement is subject to submission of NO DUES CERTIFICATE duly signed by respective assigned person/supervisor/manager.

The objective of Exit Policy is to ensure smooth separation or depart of the Employees or Trainee from the organizational works

An Employee is separated from his or her services with the Company under either of the following:

  • Resignation
  • Termination
  • Retrenchment


  • The minimum basic working week is 54 hours per week, Monday to Saturday. This is generally based on the company’s official hours of operation, 09.00am start – 6.00pm finish / 7.00 am start - 4.00 pm finish/ 3.00 pm start - 12.00am finish.
  • As an employee, you are expected to work additional hours as when reasonably necessary for the effective performance of your job or as business demands necessitate.
  • On an official tour or On-duty, an employee must send an attendance regularization mail to
  • The attendance input for every payroll month will be from 26th of previous month to 25th of the current month. Hence, employees must report to HR by 25th for any attendance related issues

The Break time will not be more than 1 hour, if additional breaks to your lunch break are taken then it will be counted as permission and should be availed in the lines of the procedures for permission.

  • The attendance will be tracked through the Bio-metric system and an email alert will be sent to the respective employee on a daily basis. Attendance will be updated in the HRMS.
  • Employees are requested to clock-in 9 hours a day and failing so will be treated as absence to work and deemed as half day of absence to work.
  • Employees are required to arrive by 09.00 a.m/7.00 am /3.00 pm However, a flexi entry between 9-9.30 AM / 7- 7.30 am / 2.30-3.00 pm will be allowed with the intention of 9 hours to be clocked-in for the day.
  • Every 3 late comings without approval will be treated as half day’s Leave without pay. ( From LOP)